Meet Los Amigos

About Us

We are Los Amigos. We source and trade speciality coffee from Guatemala.

About Markos & Christina


Markos grew up in a coffee producing family in Guatemala. When he first came to Germany a couple of years ago, he wondered why so few people in fact really knew about how coffee farms work. He found out soon enough when he started his career as a barista in Salzburg and Vienna

Since then, Markos has been delving deeper into all aspects of the coffee chain. However, there was a fateful turning point in his life that led him to the idea of sourcing coffee in Guatemala for the European market. This turning point is called Christina. In the middle of a dance of a magical New Year’s Eve party in Vienna, Christina and Markos met and have since never parted – only for the times Markos is off to source coffee in Guatemala while Christina takes care of their newest addition, Frida.

Christina is a very passionate and regular coffee drinker, film producer, and logistics geek. One night, while sitting in their small house on an old coffee farm in Antigua Guatemala, drinking good coffee and wondering what the world has to bring, Markos and Christina slipped into a dream, and the end of this dream began with the start of Los Amigos.

What we do

First, we like to treat our producers and our roasters as our friends, and as good friends we listen closely to their needs. By realizing their needs, we are able connect both sides in a way that benefits everyone. To achieve this, we look to improve the quality of coffee not just in origin but throughout the supply chain, working towards full transparency while building trustworthy relationships.

What we care about

Every coffee we source and offer to our roasters is an invitation to a circle of coffee loving friends that look to support each other’s learning and development. This attitude is manifested in all our offers:

Finding hidden coffee treasures at a consistently high quality

Caring deeply about the needs of our roasters and being flexible to shape our services to support them

Full documentation of all the farms we work with

Provide a network for like-minded producers and coffee aficionados 

Keep up with the highest professional standards in the export and import of coffee from Guatemala to Europe

And to do it all with a smile and good vibes. Otherwise why do it at all?

Why we do it

Los Amigos stands for friendship and trust.

We like to work in a manner that combines friendship, trust, support and transparency so that we and our partners can grow strong and sustainably. It is crucial to learn from each other and consider the interests of the entire chain. This is what a good cup of coffee is for us.

This is why we offer our services as professional specialty coffee sourcers and importers. We are driven by passion, honesty and fun. We have close relationships with our clients and we like to treat them with love and care. As with good friends, we don’t take everything too seriously except taking care of our friends. Our roots are in Guatemala and we like to show the warmth and camaraderie of our latino heart. Being based in Germany, we are also thrilled by well-organized and trustworthy relationships.