Meet Los Amigos


Sometimes you gotta drink some very good coffee, put on some rock’n’roll and handle your business. We try to combine all three.

Our Principles

We never sat down and brainstormed over some core principles we’d like our business to represent. We first started to work on the coffee farms in Guatemala, talked to our producer friends, connected them with roasters from Europe, and developed the principles we identify with as a result.


Since we are at home both in Latin America and in Europe, we see ourselves as ambassadors between the two cultures. We are in constant communication with the producers and the roasters we work with. We and explore and sign new exciting farms, we aim towards improving the cup quality and the environment as well as social standards on the farms. We check the quality of our coffees constantly during harvest, from the first samples to the moment the containers arrive in Europe. We do our best to ensure that you get what you tasted and that the producer is represented in the best possible way.



For us, the quality of coffee is measured by a well-balanced and rich ecosystem. Every possible participant makes a positive contribution to the overall system. In order to sustain such a well-balanced ecosystem, we make transparency a priority in order to create an understanding of how things work and how to improve them. We prefer to show things the way they are instead of presenting false illusions. That starts with the documentation of the farms we wok with, as well as communication with clients about how we work. Coffee, as we have experienced, is about growing and developing together.


Los Amigos is a symbol for the connections we try to create. All of our producers are part of a network of farmers that support each other with experience and exchange of knowledge. This community is an essential part of the daily work that ensures prosperity at the farm. We try to involve ourselves as much as possible in this community and invite every new producer we sign to join this valuable network. We also invite the roasteries we work with to get involved in this community, to share knowledge and experiences between the two. This way we also hope to build a foundation of trust between everyone.

Current offer list

Are you interested in our coffees? That’s great! Thanks for your interest. If you’d like to know which coffees are available right now, we are happy to send you our current offerlist. Just drop us a line and we are happy to provide you with everything you need. Contact Markos:!                                              

Order samples

Cupping fresh coffee is one of the most exciting experiences we love to share with our customers.

You can order 100g of green coffee samples for free. 

If you need more than 100g or roasted samples, please contact Markos

How we source

Sourcing is one of the best and most exciting parts of our work. We spend three to four months in Guatemala every year to work with our partners and source new coffees. We like to stay on the farms for as long as possible in order to get an in-depth view of the daily work. Besides cupping the coffees during harvest, we check the facilities, make notes of new and existing lots, and make sure the social standards are up to speed. Together with a local photo-journalist, we create a full range of documentation of every farm. After working on the fields, we come back to Guatemala City to choose coffees and prepare samples. Along with two Q-Graders from our export partner Dinamica, we cup all coffee again decide with them which coffees will be part of our portfolio for the season.

Where we source

There are eight different coffee regions acknowledged by the Guatemalan Coffee Association “Anacafe.” Since there exist several micro-climates inside every region, every farm in Guatemala has the possibility of providing a very unique cup profile. Nevertheless, there are still some flavors and notes that are recognizable and typical for specific regions. If you want to know more about Guatemala’s coffee regions, please click on the following link.

Our approach in sourcing however is much more personalized. We source coffees in all regions but when it comes to choosing coffees, we talk to our friends who recommend certain producers and their farms. We depend on a trustworthy network of producers who all share our values and work ethic.


Are you looking for some mindblowing Organics?

Discover our organic coffees and dive into the world of biodynamic agriculture! With Santa Isabel we have an extraordinary partner with outstanding organic coffees. Taste the difference and learn more about it!
Discover our organics!
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Our friends and clients are always more than welcome to visit us in Guatemala! We love to host our friends and show them our world on site. We visit the producers we work with, visit their farms and enjoy Guatemala’s rich culture and nature.

And for all other interested coffee enthusiasts that want an immersive Guatemalan coffee and culture experience, we are happy to announce our “Coffee & Culture” trips continuing with regards to all COVID restrictions and safety measurements!

Questions about our Coffees?

If you’d like to know more about processes, flavors, or cupping results from our Q-graders in Guatemala, please get in touch with Markos, who will be able to take you through our process of quality checks.