Meet Los Amigos


How do you source your coffees?

Two to three times each year we are in Guatemala to source new coffees. We visit farms, check social and environmental standards, and finally we cup the coffees. Once we establish a buying relationship, we also support producers in separating lots or trying new post-harvest processes. Then we connect the producers we visit with our clients in order to improve communication; we discuss quality and processes to improve next year’s harvest. After checking with the farms, we cup again and prepare samples with two Q-Grader’s from Dinamica, our export partners. We try several roast profiles and score all the coffees. Together we then decide which coffees we would like to present to our clients.

Which role does your export partner play in your business?

Dinamica International Crops is our export partner in Guatemala. They help us to send all the coffees overseas. The team is a group of highly qualified individuals, each with knowledge and experience in all export matters. From logistics to cupping, Dinamica has the facilities and personnel to ensure a high level of quality coffee.

Do you offer any certified coffees?

We like to follow the direct trade approach. Since we are at home both in Latin America and in Europe, we see ourselves as ambassadors between the two cultures. We are in constant contact with both the producers and roasters we work with. We and explore and sign new exciting farms, pay special attention to improve their documentation, all to help you get a better picture of your new product. We constantly check the quality of the goods from the samples we send to you up to the moment where the containers arrive in Europe. This allows us to ensure a high level of quality standards from the start at the farms. Since this year in 2019 we are also very happy to be able to present organic certified coffees for our clients.

I think your coffees are expensive - could you explain your prices?

Indeed, we don’t offer “cheap” coffee. We are proud to be able to offer high quality commercial and specialty coffee. This assurance of quality comes with a fair price for the producer. The above-average prices we pay to the producer also supports a sustainable income and encourages producers to invest in quality increasing activities (social and environmental). We believe in buying specialty coffees and high commercial coffees from our producers, in order to be able to guarantee a long-term income for the whole farm.

Why did you start your coffee business?

That’s a long and wonderful story we’re always happy to share over a good cup of coffee.