Meet Our Producer


Finca Orion is located at El Quetzal, San Marcos at an altitude of 1,500 masl.. Guillermo Alberto Werner Rubio is the owner of the farm. He not only has an impeccable taste of music – he also has an incredbile aproach to the ecosystem if his farm.

Meet Guillermo Alberto Werner Rubio

When you enter Finca Orion, you will already get a taste of Don Guillermo’s incredible approach to nature. Don Guillermo has always respected the flora and fauna. He believes, that the secret to a high quality is not only a healthy coffee plant, but even more the whole ecosystem surrounding the plant that are influencing the flavour.

Farm Facts

Producer: Guillermo Alberto Werner Rubio

Location: El Quetzal, San Marcos, Guatemala

Altitude: 1,500 meters above sea level

Farm size: 76 Hectars

Coffee varietals: Caturra & Sarchimor


Process: Fully washed and sun dried on patios

Post harvesting facilities: Mechanical coffee depulper, Siphon for clasification, Water recycler mechanism, fermentation tanks and water channels for clasification.

Harvest: November – March

What’s special?

Don Guillermo is not only focusing on a healthy natural environment, he is also very beloved by his workers. He really created an incredible team of coffee enthusiasts, that are working together in creating the perfect cup. And although the work is very hard, you most of the time, see everyone smiling. A good sign for a delicious coffee!

Don Guillermo

“For me, protecting the flora and fauna of my farm means, that I constantly think of the whole ecosystem. Sustainability is very important to me. As well es every thing and everyone on my Farm!”