Meet Our Producer


Finca La Bella is located in Sierra de las Minas, El Progreso, Guatemala at an altitude of 1450-1650 masl. The farm is owned and administrated by Teodoro Engelhardt the 4th. Its beauty does not only lay in its incredible landscape, but in the way, Teodoro is creating a self-sustainable ecosystem.

Meet Teodoro Engelhardt the 4th

Meet Teodoro Engelhardt the 4th – an oustanding example for visionary producers in Guatemala. Managing La Bella already in the 4th generation, his goal is to create a self-sustainable ecosystem on his farm, that is naturally producing outstanding coffees! Being positioned inside a tropical forest, the microclimate of the farm creates a very unique cup profile. Teodoro has been focusing on planting different varieties such as Pacamara and Caturra, building solar drying tents to dry the coffee more evenly and improving the fermentation process.

Farm Facts

Producer: Teodoro Engelhardt the 4th

Location: Sierra de las Minas, El Progreso, Guatemala

Altitude: 1,450 – 1,650 meters above sea level

Farm size: 80 Hectars

Coffee varietals: Pacamara, Villa Sarchi, Caturra

Process: Double soaked washed and dried on solar drying tents

Post harvesting facilities: Mechanical coffee depulper, water channels for selection, fermentation tanks, additional tanks where coffee rests for 24 hours and then its realeased to the drying area

Harvest: December – March

What’s special?

Besides the creating of sustainable agroforestry, Teodoro cups all coffees in harvest time with his personal Q-Grader to than decide which coffee will be selected for blends and which lots are going to be presented to his clients. He is always wearing cupping sheets with him and has his own laboratory on the farm. In post-harvest, all coffees are fully washed and dry fermented for 15-18 hours. They then dry on raised beds inside solar drying tents.

Teodoro Engelhardt the 4th

“I really love to push forward to quality on all areas. Sustainability for me means to be able to provide for everyone – nature, people and great coffees!”