Meet Our Producer


Finca La Cabaña located in the town of Chichinabaj, La Democracia, Huehuetenango at an altitude of 1,350 masl.    La Cabaña is owned by Henry Chavez. Henry is concentrating on different processes like Naturals and Honeys.

Meet Henry Chavez

Guatemalas coffee scene is well known for its outstanding clean washed coffees. So you could call Henry Chavez, the owner of Finca La Cabaña, the “efant terrible” of the new generation of coffee producers. Henry has been experimenting in the last five years on how to improve his post harvesting process in order to reach better prices. Now, La Cabaña offers natural and different honey process coffees. Together with his girlfriend, he is more than happy to proove Europe, that Guatemala is also able to create outstanding Naturals & Honeys!

Farm Facts

Producer: Henry Chavez

Location: Chichinabaj, La Democracia, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Altitude: 1,350 meters above sea level

Farm size: 20 Hectars

Coffee varietals: Caturra & Villa Sarchi


Process: Sun dried on patios

Post harvesting facilities: Coffee manual depulper, 5 cement tanks for fermentation, water channels for selection and everything works based on a pelton wheel system designed by Henrys father.

Harvest: November – January

What’s special?

For his post harvest facilities, Henry uses a pelton wheel system, designed by his father, to run the water channels and depupler. His whole family is supporting him in his experiments to increase his cup quality through new and interesting processes. Although the first trials went south, he never gave up and is Naturals and Honeys are now an insider tip amongst roasters. A producer for sure worth visiting once you are in Guatemala!

Henry Chavez


“Other producers might think that I’m doing crazy stuff on my farm. Well, this is absolutely correct. And I think you can even taste it!”