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From our farms to your coffeeshop

The perfect bean has passed through so many hands it is almost impossible to count. We want to make sure that when it reaches ours, we do our best to show it the care and love it was shown and pass it on. On our part, we make sure that every step of the chain has taken its duties carefully and with a standard of quality we like to maintain throughout, year by year. Logistics is not only about bringing you your coffee; we like to be certain that the quality remains throughout for your loving hands to take care of the rest.

Our logistic partners


All coffees from our Europe Warehouses in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Sünna, Germany, are customs cleared into the EU. 

If you are located in the US, New Zealand, Australia or Asia, we can offer you our Coffee F.O.B. in Guatemala.

We are happy to connect you with our export company in Guatemala in order to coordinate. 

And yes – we also offer sourcing service and are happy to host you in Guatemala, in case you would like to choose your own lots during harvest time.

Transport solutions

All coffees are packed on EUR pallets (1,2m x 0,8m), when they leave our Warehouse. Only 30 kilo bags will be released in boxes and send by UPS.

A normal full pallet can hold around 10 bags of 69kg bags, or up to about 700kg in total. 

You can either place an order with your own trucking company or we can organize the whole transport for you. 

We also support our clients in consolidating transports to their cities if possible.


We require payment up front before releasing coffee from our warehouse. 

All invoices are issued in Euro. 

If you order more than 10 bags (1 bag  is minimum-order), we are very happy to offer you special volume discount options.

Financing terms can be discussed on an individual basis for volume clients with a solid buying history.

Questions about Logistics?

Feel free to contact our diligent german logistic manager Christina. When it comes to shipping, payments or any other questions regarding the save arrival of your coffee, she is your girl!