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Our Prices

Price Structure

Our price structure has one main goal: Contribute as much as possible to develop a sustainable quality coffee production and earn as much as needed to keep our business running and growing naturally healthy.

Like you can see in the pie-chart, the major part of our prices goes back to producers, in order to make sure, that the work on the farms can develop in a sustainable way. We visit all farm at least 3 times a year to make sure, your payment is reinvested in increasing the environmental, social and quality standards on all farms!

Find the details below about parameters that are influencing our prices or contact us, if you like to know more details.

Payment of Producer

We pay around 1,5 higher-than-average prices to our producers, to make sure, their hard work is rewarded fairly. With this payment, the following costs are usually covered:

  • Fair payment for employees of the farm

  • Fair payment of the producer

  • Farm development (new plants, upgrade social facilities, renovation & reparation etc.)

  • Social projects on the farm (schools, recycling, nurseries…)
  • Coffee research (Lab, tests and scientific projects on climate change) 

  • Mill & processes

  • Packaging and storage

  • Security 

  • Export 

  • and many more

Quality Management

In order to maintain the high quality of coffees and our service, we trust in partner that share the same values as we do. The following costs are covered:

  • Re-Traceability of all bags through the whole harvest and logistic process

  • Daily cuppings and quality controls while harvest

  • Working with the best dry-mill of Guatemala 

  • Grain Pro bags as standard quality protection

  • Professional storage standards in Guatemala and Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  • Professional and experienced logistic partners from Guatemala to Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  • Full-Coverage insurance for transport & quality (Guatemala to Garmisch-Partenkirchen)


We keep Los Amigos a family business, that aims to grow naturally and keeps the good spirit instead of growing for higher revenues. We love what we do and we take good care of our customers and producers. Our prices cover the following costs:

  • Customer Service

  • Marketing, PR and Social Media 

  • Documentation and Quality Checks on Farms

  • Handling Samples and Feedback-Exchange

  • Travel Coordination (Producers, Roasters)

  • Logistic Coordination (Transport, Import, Storage, Logistic)

  • Backoffice (Lotsss of Paperwork)

  • Coffee & Farm Scouting

  • Network-Building for Knowledge Exchange for Customers, Producers and Science

Price structure

[wp_charts title=”mydough” type=”doughnut” align=”alignleft” margin=”5px 20px” data=”75,20,5″ colors=”#FCC200,#fbdd63,#faedbb”]

  75% Producer
  20% Quality Management
  5% Los Amigos